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Why Study Medical PG abroad?

Most of the medical students make a mistake in planning their PG in time. Once they start with their MBBS, that is the only point of focus and PG takes a back seat for obvious reasons. However, they fail to realise that MBBS degree by itself holds no value in India anymore and abroad, it is not even considered. For example, in the USA, Only a PG doctor is allowed to practice. A student with just an MBBS degree is not even considered to be a doctor. Besides that, getting into the right place for PG needs advance planning and preparation. Last minute decisions lead nowhere in the medical field. Hence, Preparing for PG while doing MBBS is the right way to go about and there are easy and convenient methods available for students to follow

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Free Career Planning Right Upto Residency Match

Extensive Support For PG Applications and Profile Building

Blended Coaching Model

High Quality Experience in Top Hospitals in USA

Forex, Visa & Travel

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Country Wise List of Top Universities

BudgetCountryRecommended University
15-20 LacsRussia (A Grade)Ryazan State Medical University
20-30 LacsUkraineIvano Frankovsk Medical University
 China (A Grade)Nanjing Medical University
 China (A Grade)Jilin University
30-40 LacsRussia (A Grade)Pirogov Russia NRM University
 China (A Grade)Huazhong University of Science & technology
40-50 LacsPolandUniversity of Lodz
50 – 60 LacsUSASpartan Health Science University
60 – 70 LacsIndiaIndian Private Medical Colleges

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As we all know that getting a PG seat in India through NEET PG is next to impossible as less than 1% students actually get in on merit basis. Remaining, need to have heavy pockets, ready to shell out a minimum of Rs. 1.5 – 2 cr for getting into Private college/hospital. As far as Medical PG is concerned, a country with a Huge demand for health care sector, Enough population to support the demand and good opportunity as far as future is concerned needs to be chosen. Looking at this, countries like USA, Germany come on top of the list. USA ensures 100% career security and there is no looking back as all doors are open. It gives you the privilege of being able to practice world wide including India (without any exam). Germany is also a very good option for those who wish to settle down there.

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Higher Scope Overseas Education Consultants in Hyderabad specialize in Counseling, Guidance and Admission to MBBS in Indian private colleges apart from MBBS in China, MBBS in USA apart from many countries. MBBS offers the most complex system of admission in India and years of experience has helped Higher Scope to place more than 350 students in the last 5 years.

Apart from MBBS, Higher Scope also has battery of expert counsellors to place you for unique programs such as Study in Germany for free and Study MBA programs in Europe at top business schools at the same cost of Indian MBA.

While finding study abroad consultants, Higher  Scope is the one of the top overseas education consultants in India who boasts of a special division focusing on public universities in USA offering education at half the cost of standard private universities!

When others fail, Higher Scope delivers.


Country does not matter much. Choose the top quality university to study MBBS abroad in that country. They do not even bother to see if the university is top or not! For example, if you are looking for MBBS in abroad at low cost / fees structure / lowest fees, Kyrgyzstan is available. But Kyrgyzstan State Medical University provides high quality education. So within a given budget, you can select this university. India has IIT or IIM and it also offers low quality colleges. Where would you place India as a destination? Similarly, focus on your budget and the Grade of the University.

To study MBBS in abroad, you would need an experienced education consultant for MBBS abroad programs. We can guide you to place in the top university to study MBBS in abroad. The grades have many factors such as Student to faculty ratio, library size, English speaking capability of the teachers, investment on laboratory and equipment, hospital bed affiliations, Patients flow, number of years in teaching MBBS abroad programs etc. The eligibility for admission to top medical colleges abroad and the cost to study MBBS abroad would go high as you choose for higher grades.

You can search on Google and you would be astonished. Georgia is not a part of European union! The Indian agents try to lure the students by giving half information. Georgia was a part of former USSR (Now Russia) and is a very small country with total population of 5 Million! Around 500 Indian students went to Georgia in 2015. They were placed in 2 state and 4 private medical colleges in Georgia. Indian embassy has given clear advise not to choose private MBBS colleges in Georgia and Armenia but the students are still being placed. A small country with very small population like a town of India would hardly offer any patients. There are only 2 state medical colleges / universities in Georgia such as:

  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Batumi Shota Rustavelli University

Few of the private medical colleges such as David Tvidiani Medical University (DTMU) do not even have a proper campus to teach the Indian students. Lack of proper infrastructure and a very small country also get so many Indian students due to mis information campaign by the Indian agents. These private medical colleges are hardly 20 to 25 years old having no experience in teaching.

It is better to go to top graded Russian university having large experience in medical teaching to study MBBS abroad.

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